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point 32

from the research I have done I know I must include

  • a masthead of my artist name
  • some convergent links to other media
  • links to there parts of my website
  • my artists logo
  • a hero shot of my artist
  • a link to my music video
  • very bright and lively colour palette
  • something like this
  • Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 09.03.30

point 30

David Guettas is known for his dance / EDM music. His profile is cool, wealthy, party man and his music targets the club scene in the big clubs in Ibiza and the party destinations of Europe. Below is the title page from Guetta’s current website. Immediately, we see there is a big picture of the front cover of his new album. The artist is centre foreground and the main focus of the picture. In addition, his jacket is brown to stand out and has been edited to be brighter than the background graphics. Moreover, it picks the colour of his beard, hair and sunglasses to make him the icon of the picture. It also presents him as being very ‘together’, cool and well-dressed. The mid ground image is an old, convertible car, seen as cool and retro to the audience and target market and, again, positions him as wealthy and contemporary, keeping up with modern times and tastes. In the background, there is bright blossoming jungle, which looks fierce and gives the image an exotic, manly feel, as well as picking up on the venues of tropical island destinations that he favours. We can also see, directly behind, Guetta a glow of white sunlight which not only creates mood and setting, but also lights him in a way that shows him to shine and sparkle; a celebrity feel. The only prominent text we have is his name which is positioned to balance the Facebook Messenger logo. In addition, the colour is white which carries through the sunshine, bright, dynamic feel and picks up on the t-shirt and convertible creating a feeling of completeness and that everything is in control. Everything feels symmetrical and follows the Rule of Thirds.  The typography of the name – which is also his logo – is in block, sans serif font with a modern, sleek feel which looks smooth and is immediately accessible. It catches the eye. This is supported top right by similarly modern, sans serif type, also in white to keep consistency, but much smaller, not in bold, allowing an understated access to key links of his website. At the tp of the page is links to the different parts of the website. The overall feel of this website and the elements which make it up, is one of being in control, being cool and calm, being sophisticated but modern. It is easy on the eye and encourages the viewer/reader/listener to want to buy his new album and buy into his look and lifestyle. Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 09.03.30

Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 19.36.33

In comparison, Fat Boy Slim’s website presents an entirely different image, targets a very different audience and creates a very different feel. Interestingly, the main picture does not show FBS’s full face. There is a slight arrogance to this as it assumes that if you are visiting his website, you will know who he is and what he looks like. The fact that he is slightly unshaven, wearing a silver chain necklace and a black/white Hawaiian, creates a rough, cool, underground feel. It seems non-conformist and has a British edginess to it. The black background to all the images creates an underground, off the radar-club feel to the site, which reflects his diverse audience and the wide popularity that he has earned. The dominant elements of the main image are the smiley face stress ball and the tour announcement. The smiley face has connotations of party drugs and having a good time and this image is used across the page, in the background of “Free Stuff” and “Merch”. The fact that he uses slang for his titles, means he is very confident and that his audience wants things to be laid back, informal, cool. Top left, the smiley face logo is turned into a skull and crossbones. This gives it a punky feel, backed up by the graffiti typography of the artist’s name. It could also be nostalgic for the audience that has been loyal for decades and is closer to his age. Apart from the graffiti typeface, the typography across the site is bold, simple, sans serif and bright. Yellow has connotations of summer and sunshine – and he is known for his beach events – as well as hazard and warning. This continues the edgy feel of the page. There are 4 real-time photos in full colour. Two of these promote the artist himself and makes him look fun. The other two show his concerts which look packed and epic. In both photos, the artist is downstage centre with his arms extended in a Christ-like way, performing and hosting his gig. This is very different to the his image in the other two photos which makes him interesting because of the different sides of his story. More specific information is provided in white and grey, much smaller, not bold to signify that it is not the main feature of the front page but that more information can be found if wanted. Top right and bottom left of the page contain social media links which is one of the main ways to communicate in the modern age. This also creates a feeling of crowd and community, together with the email addresses.

statement of intent

Statement of intent  


The concept for my video is a man who wakes up very confused after a big party night out. As he starts to remember what happened the night before he decides to go out again. He has another party night out and wakes up in the exact way he woke the morning before where he can’t remember anything and is very confused. The main concept of the video is that the man is stuck in loop of the same thing night after night. This shows that he really is bonkers, and it links back to the title of the song. How the concept fits into the genre is that the song is a party song and the man is in a continuous loop of a party. This fits in to my genre because in the video there are people dancing and partying and in my genre is dance music. This video attracts my specific audience because it follows a man who fits in the age range of my target audience, which is 16-24 years old. It also shows a man partying, which is what people of that age do. One of universal records big core value is to include many different types of music so everyone can listen and my concept is giving the younger generation something to enjoy. In my music video I am using a young performer to help the audience feel in touch with the character and it also suits the genre of the video. In my video I will use uv light and cool young clothing this is normal in a dance music videos for years. The representations that the mise-en-scene will create are a young sort of feel to the whole video. How these representations will attracted my audience is because young people feel more connected with a video if they are warring the same sort of clothing to the people in the video and also the fact that people in the video are partying also makes young people connect to the video. I will use editing to make the video look slick and fast paced because it is a up beat dance song and the viewers gain pleasure from well edited media. In my video I have chosen a young actor so that it attracts an audience of the same age group. I am going to use a few different shots such as low angle shot, mid shot, long shot, close up, and extreme close up. I will also use uv lighting and powder paint. The message of the video is to use alcohol and other substances responsibly which fits into the record company’s social responsibly.



On my web site I will have a banner with links to my shop and photos. I will have a big photo covering the whole website and I will have all the tour dates on my website. One of the ways I am going to attracted audiences is by using bright colures on my website so it draws your eyes into the video. I am going to make my website look very symmetrical so its easy on the eye and look professional. The pages I am going to use banner with links to my home page, shop, photos, and music and contacted us. The social media I am going to use is Facebook and instagram because in modern day life social media is key to get an artists name around. My website will have a shop selling merchandise and the songs so that the record company can make a financial gain and my artist will tour also. There will be a contact page so that the public can get help with a problem about the product. There will be lots of bright colours to attract the viewer and there will be links to the other parts of the website.


Why synergy and branding are important to the media industry is because to the human mind likes things tom link up and make senses. Also branding is a really good way to get the artist name around and make lots of money. My website is going to have my logo all over it and the typeface is going to be very simple and clean. My video is going to be the main part of my website and will be very easy to watch it. My website will be unique because it will have links telling you the dates for my tour. My social media will share all the branding around the internet.